My First blog post!


So this is my new blog! I’m honestly so excited to try this out and test to see if I enjoy it or if I should stick to insagram. I’m really new to this app and don’t have a clue how it works but I’ll give it my best and we can see how it goes!


so the things that I want to post is a mixture of photography, beauty and maybe a bit of fashion. I will also do things like book reviews , hauls and routines ( skin routines etc) so there is a variety of everything depending on what you enjoy reading about most.

lastly, I’m doing this for fun so if I don’t feel like I’m enjoying myself and feel like it’s a chore then I will stop or take a break from it as I want this as a fun hobby not a job.

Anyway now all that is out the way, I hope you enjoy my blog and will see you soon

Lov.ely xx


9 thoughts on “My First blog post!

  1. Sophie says:

    Hi hun, thank you for the follow! Welcome to the blogging community where I’m sure you’ll find lots of people with similar interests! I’m looking forward to seeing your next posts. Hope you have fun x

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