Revision tips and tricks!


So today I’m going to be doing revision tips and tricks (if you hadn’t already guessed by the title😂). I have seen a few people do this and think it’s a really good idea especially as there are mock exams and GCSEs *shudders* just round the corner. I know when other people do this I find them really helpful so I hope you find these just as helpful 😊

1.Use colours and Diagrams

I find that when I highlight certain facts it’s sooooo much easier to revise from and find later on when I look back on it. Also if you include fun diagrams it can help you remember facts easier then if you were revising from a chunk of text. I like using coloured gel pens to write in just so it doesn’t look as boring😂.

2. Reward yourself

I do this when I’m revising for an important test and I find it really helps ( I definitely don’t do this as an excuse to eat more 😂). For example if you had a textbook, work through a couple of pages and then have a treat like a chocolate bar or a lollipop. This might not be the healthiest way of revising but it does encourage you to work more and faster!

3. Revise with friends

Plan to meet your friends at a coffee shop/cafe where it’s not too busy, the library or even at one of your houses. This way you still get to see and spend time with your friends but you still get your homework done! But you have to make sure not to just chat and actually do some revision 😂.

4. Use nice notebooks

I don’t know about you but I love notebooks especially cute, fun one. You don’t have to get expensive ones either! The ones in the picture were from Asda and were, like, £2.50 for three?! You can also get nice ones from Wilkos, Primark and The Works. I love jotting down notes and revision stuff in them and they look really nice on your desk 😂

So I know that these aren’t normal revision tips but I hope they come in handy and I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 💕


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