Where I’ve been

Hiiiii! how is everyone? So as you probably know it’s the summer holidays and these past 2 and a half weeks I’ve just been relaxing and taking a break from revising. I’ve also not posted on here for a few months but to be totally honest, I just didn’t have any motivation  a t  a l l. I just really didn’t want to post anything that I just putting up for the sake of it and that wasn’t thought out properly. However when I started this blog I knew that there would be periods of time like this but now that I have had time off and relaxed I’m ready to get back into things and start posting regularly again.

So now that I’m back from hibernating I really want to make a long list of all the things that you would all like to see on my blog. I’m going to be writing some down but I would love it so so much if you called just comment some to add to the list? This way i can post regularly without running out of ideas. it can be anything beauty related, fashion, advise, reviews whatever really!

Anyways I will be posting again tomorrow as this isn’t really a proper post and thank you all for reading!

lov.ely xximage


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