It’s Autumn! ( plus a life update)

Hi everyone! So. It’s officially autumn! I mean it was yesterday but I was really really busy yesterday so I’m posting today instead 😊

I’m honestly so excited that it’s Autumn, mainly because my birthday is in less then a month and I’m a tiny bit excited for it but also because it’s such a cosy, happy, fresh season. I just love the colours and the feel for Autumn so much plus the fact that it’s Halloween in about a month which I’m really looking forward to!

At the weekend I think I’m going into town to get some revision supplies for my mocks in a couple of weeks but whilst I’m down there I’m probably going to pick up some candles and maybe a jumper because I saw some really nice ones in New Look and Primark the other day so I’m probably going to ask for them for my birthday 😊. Honestly I’m probably going to get a hot chocolate from costa as well because ngl they are sooooo good especially when it’s cold outside ☕️

Another thing I’m so do excited for is a dance show that I’m in later this week! It’s the dress rehearsal on Thursday and then we perform Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The dances that I’m doing ( in order ) are: Ballet which we are doing Cinderella in, Theatre Craft which we are doing the can can, Tap which is Billy Elliot, rock and roll which is an American Diner scene and the cheerleading 😊 I’ve just finished trying all of my costumes on and my favourite is probably my rock and roll because I wear a pastel yellow poodle skirt and it’s so cute!

So basically I have a lot going on this month and next but all of it is exciting ( except from the mock exams but we can ignore them for a minute ) and I’m really looking forward to it!

What are your plans for Autumn?




6 thoughts on “It’s Autumn! ( plus a life update)

  1. Elsie LMC says:

    Wishing you the best of luck with all of your dance shows and preparing for the dreaded mock exams! You’ll do brilliantly. I didn’t think my Autumn was going to be busy but these last couple of days spent planning have proved me wrong 😂 I’m going to try make the most of what the season has to offer (and definitely get down to Costa and have their bonfire spice hot chocolate! 😋), hope you have a lovely autumn! 🍂❤️

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